Installing PECL PS on Mac OS X

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The PHP that comes standard with Mac OS X Leopard doesn't come with the PECL PS extension. PECL PS requires pslib, and the last version I verified to work the PS extension was 0.2.6 (I still have an outstanding bug for that). There's a minor little bug that prevents it from compiling on OS X, so here are the steps necessary to get PECL PS working on Leopard:

  1. Download PSLib 0.2.6. Unpack to somewhere on your filesystem (I use /usr/src)

  2. cd pslib-0.2.6/src

  3. Apply this patch to pslib.c (patch pslib.c leopard_pslib-0.2.6.patch)

  4. cd ../

  5. ./configure

  6. make

  7. make install

By default this puts it in /usr/local/lib. Now install the PS extension using PECL.

  1. pecl install ps

  2. When it asks for path to pslib installation, /usr/local/lib

  3. Once it's done compiling, add the .so to your php.ini. You may have to move the .so or alter extension_dir in your php.ini.

  4. sudo apachectl restart

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