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So you may notice that robpeck.com now has an entirely new look. It’s not just a new look, but a ground-up re-architecture of my blog.

No more Wordpress. This site is now powered by Jekyll, the static website generator. It’s a neat little Ruby program that just generates a bunch of static HTML from templates and Markdown. Interesting how we’ve now come full circle from simple homepages of the 90s, to the rich and complex websites of the 2000s, back to static HTML.

The front end has been rewritten using Twitter Bootstrap. It’s a responsive design (partially - I’m still working out the kinks on mobile and tablet views - bear with me while I get that straightened out.)

The whole thing is powered by git hosted on my server so that, when I commit a new post, a post-commit hook fires that automatically rebuilds the entire site.

Best of all, there’s nothing to maintain. No Wordpress updates that must be applied immediately lest you risk a security issue. Just static HTML and comments delivered by JavaScript.

The conversion process from Wordpress was complex, and I’m working on a post to fully describe all the steps. “Partially-automated” is the best way to describe it. All of the posts converted, but most of them needed tweaking. Regardless, you’ll find everything that was at the old blog here, all at the same URLs.

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Design Tweaks and New Content!

So I’ve tweaked the design of the blog a bit. There’s now a header, and all the links that were in the sidebar are now in the header. There were simply too many things being added and it was getting unwieldy having them all in the sidebar. It’s now fully responsive on all levels of mobile, tablet included! I’ve added a new page with a bunch of content I’ve been collecting on the subject of Interstellar Travel.

Goodbye GoDaddy

Using GoDaddy as my registrar is one of those things I’ve always felt vaguely ashamed of. Something I knew all the “cool kids” didn’t do, but I was already so neck-deep in them that I didn’t want to transfer. Not to mention I had my DNS hosted with them as well so the thought of going through all that trouble to move just seemed like too much of a hassle to deal with without good reason. In my last entry, I talked about setting up your own DNS server. This was the first part of my attack on moving my domains away from GoDaddy. But I didn’t have a real timeline to move away from them. Then came the news of GoDaddy’s support for SOPA - one of the worst attacks on the Internet since 1996’s Communications Decency Act. Now, to be sure, GoDaddy’s position on SOPA was not the first thing they’ve done to anger me. Their overtly misogynistic advertising has always bothered me, and their CEO Bob Parsons’ elephant killing and shameless exploitation of the natives angered me so badly that I almost left in April. But their aggressive support of SOPA was the final straw for me. I’d been a customer since 2003, but I simply could not take it anymore. So over the course of about 4 days, I transferred all my domains to Namecheap. Having never transferred a domain before, the process was surprisingly quick and easy. Once again, it makes me wonder why I haven’t done it sooner.