Automatically Setting Adium IM Status with AppleScript

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I have more than 20 various IM accounts set up in Adium on my Macintosh. But during the day, the only one I really want to be active is the one I use for work. The remainder, I want to leave logged in, but showing as away with a warning not to bother me unless it is important. But half the time I forget to set all those accounts as away, or I forget to set the work one as available, or some other issue that would arise out of a manual process interferes and too often it doesn't get done.

Enter AppleScript. I whipped up a surprisingly easy AppleScript to do just this:

tell application "Adium"
    go away with message "Working. Please do not disturb unless necessary."
    go available first account
end tell

Because the work account is the first one, this makes it easy. It just sets all accounts as away and then sets the work one available. I shove this in my MarcoPolo ruleset to fire when I arrive at the office.

The script to reverse the change when I leave is even easier. This is fired when I leave the office:

tell application "Adium" to go available
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