Open Source Home Automation

    This talk will serve as an introduction to home automation using Home Assistant. I will go through how my home automations system evolved from 2 WeMo switches to a massive sprawling system with many devices.

    From a Single Server to the Cloud: Modernizing a Large Fan Website

      Before the Internet became the domain of companies like Facebook and Google, it was filled with unique, independent websites often run by a single person. Things like homepages, and forums for fans of anything you can imagine, from Star Trek to trains. Many of these websites are still around, and are surprisingly popular and very heavily trafficked.

      We Need To Talk About Burnout

        Burnout is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that results from excessive stress and constant overwork. It can result in reduced output, cynical or bleak outlook on projects and feeling helpless, hopeless and with no way out. Burnout is also a widespread but rarely spoken-about issue in tech.

        Sass: Improving on CSS

          In this talk presented at DevSpace 2015, we talk about CSS. How we got here, how CSS is bad, and how Sass will make things awesome, unicorns and rainbows again.

          AGI + PHP: Routing Phone Calls with PHP

            This was my first conference talk, given at PHP Appalachia in 2008. Here, we will discuss using the Asterisk PBX’s AGI to use PHP to route phone calls and do other neat things with telephones using the power of Asterisk.